10 Biggest Misconceptions about Stay-At-Home Moms

Here are a lot of misconceptions about stay at home moms. However, it is one of the best experiences that you will have. The next time someone shames you for staying at home to raise your children, remember that it is your choice, you are not answerable to anyone, and you will do whatever it takes to raise the best people you can.

You do nothing

People are under the assumption that you do literally nothing. Other than basic work like giving your children a bath and feeding them, you pretty much have nothing else to do.  However, you know that is not the case. Your children are still discovering the world, and keeping up with them can be quite a task.

You are just a mother

You probably get that a lot. Not having a career is looked down upon by people. However, most of the working people could never last one day in your shoes, and you know that. Being a stay at home mom is one of the biggest jobs that anyone can take up.

You’re lazy

You have an excuse to not work. You use your children as a shield to not work, and slack off. However, that is farthest from the truth. Becoming a stay at home mom was your choice, because you want to be there for your children. That is a sacrifice not everyone can make.

You’re sacrificing your career

Proving this one wrong can be hassle, because it is true. However, it is something you wanted to do. You know that children need at least one parent from 0-5 years. Making your children the best that they can be is worth much more than a career will ever be.

You get bored

Staying at home every day, you are bound to get bored, stuck in the same routine every day. In reality, with children around, there is never a dull moment.  Running after your little ones, scheduling appointments, playing with them, teaching them, and making memories are just some of the things you do every day.

Couch surfing is part of your day

The main assumption about this is that you give your children something to do, and spend he better half of your day like a couch potato. The truth is far from his, as you know. With children, sitting down quietly is a mean feat, as children hardly let you be with yourself.

The office is at home

This is seen as an advantage by many. Most people do not like going to office. However, working from home is not easier. Always keeping one eye on your kids and the other on your work gets to be quite a handful. In fact, you actually work less, and concentrate more on making sure the kids are okay.

Men can slack off

Quite possibly, your husband thinks that since you do all the housework, he can relax. However, some help here and there never hurts anyone. He can learn more about raising your children, and you can earn some well-deserved time for yourself.

Financially dependant

It is assumed that because you stay at home, you are dependant. But nowadays, many stay at home mothers work from home. Even if you don’t, spending your husband’s salary is not something you should feel guilty over. You spend your entire time taking care of his children; you are entitled to splurge on yourself.

You are not stressed

This cannot be further from the truth. As a stay at home mom, you are constantly worried about keeping your children safe from harm, and often work magic to ensure that your children are okay. Most of the time, others are not even aware of the miracles you pull off. However, doing this often leads to undue pressure on yourself, resulting in stress.