Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Health and Fitness Conscious Bae

Many people worry about choosing the perfect gift on this over-hyped occasion. This can be made even more stressful if your special someone is a health-nut, and ordinary gifts like perfume and chocolates just do not make the cut. Since is all about health and wellness, we thought it would be interesting to come up with a list of thoughtful and practical Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that will definitely put a smile on that health-and fitness lover in your life!

Fitness Trackers
And so they say, a couple who exercises together stays together. What better Valentine’s day gift than a fitness tracker! There are quite a number of good ones in the market, with models to suit different budgets and functionality – Huawei, Fitbit, Garmin, Xiaomi and more.

With a fitness tracker, you and your significant other can record daily fitness activities and engage in a friendly competition to compare who burned more calories. Encourage each other to go for romantic evening jogs or long weekend walks together. Besides being a great motivation to exercise and keep healthy, this Valentine’s Day gift idea also creates opportunities for a couple to spend quality time together!

DIY Herb Garden Kit

Tabletop Herb Garden. Source:

Who doesn’t love fresh herbs and spices in your food? And, we mean real fresh ones growing in your kitchen. Give your loved one the gift of nutrition and good health with a DIY herb garden kit! They taste great, the health benefits are plenty and it is so much cheaper than buying them from the supermarket. Grow them in cute pots and they can also beautify the interiors!

It is very easy to grow basil, curry leaf, laksa leaf, chilli padi, mint and rosemary in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. Basil, curry and rosemary plants require full sunlight while others such as mint only requires partial sunlight, and all of them can thrive indoors! You can easily buy the high-quality seeds and gardening essentials from reputable local suppliers such as Nong, AeroSpring and Urban Farm & Barn.

Spread the love with healthy, fresh and delicious meals this Valentine’s Day with a herb garden at your fingertips!

Sports Massage Vouchers
If you have someone in your life who loves to work out, hit the gym or is an athlete, a much-appreciated present would be sport massage vouchers to ease all that tensed muscles!

More than just a relaxing spa massage, qualified masseuses / physiotherapists have the anatomical knowledge to target deep foundation tissues and ease the soreness developed during intensive exercise. For exercise-addicts, a proper sports massage can help to improve athletic performance, prevent unwanted injuries, reduce muscle inflammation and keep the sportsperson in optimal shape. It is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift idea to let your fitness-freak-lover know that you care for their wellbeing!

Ultimate Nutrition Blender

Healthy and yummy smoothies. Source: Brenda Godinez on Unsplash

If you have wandered around the home electronics section in departmental stores, you will notice a plethora of swanky, state-of-the-art blenders. Nudge your way into your Bae’s heart with a gift of good health and great nutritional benefits!

These high-performance blenders can create the most delicious and healthy smoothies for that extra daily health boost for your loved one and you! Smoothies have become a common choice for many health-conscious eaters because they are a super fuss-free way to extract the nutrients from fruits, vegetables and nuts into one yummy, convenient meal.

Get your valentine the best nutrition blender around. You will most likely end up sharing it anyway!

Grip Socks

Grip Socks by Toesox. Source:

If you wondering what are grip socks, well they look just like any normal socks except for the rubber-like patterns at the soles that creates friction for a non-slip surface. Also known as anti-skid socks, grip socks are perfect for the Pilates / Barre / Yoga lover in your life!

They are also good for warm up exercises in dance studios or just walking around on slippery floorings as they prevent unnecessary slips and injuries. Grip socks are the trend for fitness enthusiasts nowadays and you can find many designs and brand in the market easily. That being said, your significant other does deserve the best quality with features such as foot arch compression, fitted heel, stylish designs and cut-out toes for utmost freedom of movement.

Decathlon and Citrusox sells a variety of good quality grip socks at affordable prices. Or, get them from Toesox, the original five-toe grip socks creator.

Healthy Food Subscription Plan

Healthy Snack Box from BoxGreen. Source:

If your sweetheart is a health aficionado, getting a health food subscription plan is surefire way to his or her heart!

Food subscription services are so thoughtful and convenient as they eliminate the hassle of constant placing of orders. Receiving the healthy food makes for regular reminders of your love and concern. In fact, they are a great solution for workaholics who are too busy to eat well.

BoxGreen lets you choose from over 50 varieties of delectable wholesome snacks and the delivery frequency (from weekly up to every 2 months). SimplyFresh is a weekly subscription for fresh organic produce sourced from farms around the world such as Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Choose from detoxifying fruit juicing boxes to vitamin-laden boxes for the preparation of nutritious quick on-the-go meals. Kim’s Kitchen offers healthy versions of tingkat food delivery with healthier dishes that are cooked with no MSG and less oil.

Waterproof Headphones / Earbuds
Add some beats to your partner’s fitness routine! This is the perfect present if your Bae’s favourite exercise activity involves water because we all know that exercise can get kind of boring without that thumping music to spur one on.

Fortunately, these ingenious waterproof headphones and earbuds allow the user to blast that music while one swims, snorkels, surfs or maybe run in the rain. These waterproof inventions mostly come designed with a watertight seal, a secure fit and short cords so that it does not get in the way of the activities. Practical, versatile and so useful in everyday life – trust us, your beau will thank you for this!

Gym Membership

Source: Victor Freitas from Pexels

If your health-conscious valentine does not have one yet, well it is the perfect time to get one! And why does a gym membership make a fantastic gift? The advantages are plenty – better health (obviously), improved quality of sleep and most importantly, it promotes quality time spent together if you are interested in working out as well!

We personally think it is really sweet to get a gym membership for your significant other because he or she will be reminded of you every time they head to the gym. There are plenty of options available in Singapore, depending on your budget, the amenities and the location. Giving the gift of health has never been more apt!

These health and wellness gift ideas will not only bring some joy to your loved ones but they will also feel your genuine love because health is the best gift isn’t it?! If you have any other good gift ideas, do let us know below in the comments and share them with our readers too!