5 Easy Calorie Burning Hacks

Busy with school and work, and no time to exercise? Burning the extra calories is possible if you have the will to do it! (and also some little hacks which we will share in this article!)

The Health Promotion Board recommends 150 minutes worth of moderate to vigorous physical activities (MVPA) to be done by adults above 19 years of age. Let us help you with incorporating some of those minutes into your daily life so you can hit that target easier!

Have you participated in Season 4 of the National Steps Challenge? It ends on the 30th April, but there is no harm participating and getting a few rewards! Fret not, you can aim for the bigger prizes when the next instalment of the National Steps Challenge comes, which we are certain will happen! Besides, you can still be the one to win the grand prize of a pair of Singapore Airlines Business Class Tickets to New York worth $15,000! You will get one chance daily for walking 10,000 steps and 2 more for clocking 30 minutes of MVPA a day!  

Here are some calorie burning hacks to inject in your busy lifestyle

1) Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs instead of the lift may sound like something you would do only if the lift was broken, but this is actually a great way if you are looking to keep fit or get in shape. Climbing up the stairs helps you to build the muscles especially in your legs, because you are going against gravity! As a result, it can help destroy some of your excess calories.

It also helps to keep our hearts strong. It is also generally easy to incorporate into our lives, given there are usually stairs available at our workplaces or at our homes!

2) Alight One Stop Earlier

Putting a bit more distance between you and your workplace or school may make you feel more tired when you begin your day, but one of its benefits is that it can instead make you feel more energized when you reach your destination! Walking actually improves the oxygen flow throughout our bodies, and also increases the levels of some hormones affecting our energy level daily.

Alighting one bus stop or train stop before your destination and walking that extra few meters is a great way to shed off some extra calories and build your leg muscles too, especially if you are walking up a slope. Walking also has other health benefits, such as reducing risk of heart diseases, lowering blood sugar levels, and even boost the strength of our immunity systems!

You can and should definitely do the same on your way home, you can even alight an extra stop earlier if you’re feeling ambitious and have time to spare! Get those steps in!

3) Lunch Time, Crunch Time

It is break time, but don’t get someone to bring back food to you, get up and get your own food! We’ve already discussed how great walking is for your body!

If you want to lose some weight, you need to cut down a little bit on those calories. Monitor your lunch calorie intake, try not to eat too much. Apart from potentially gaining weight from the extra calories, eating too much can also cause you to feel sleepy at work, because of the serotonin hormones produced that tells your brain that you are full.

You can also help yourself a little bit by ordering your drinks less sweet where possible or requesting for less salt when getting your food.

It may also be a good idea to pack a healthy and well-planned lunch, controlling your calorie intake or consume some healthy foods! That could be an excuse for not walking to get your lunch! You will be fully in control of what you are eating, plus you can skip the insanely long lunch hour queues! This will give you more time for our next tip! (read on!)

4) Office Workout

Got some free time to spare? Even better, you can do some simple office workouts in your office (you can choose a quiet place too)! But you may be thinking, how on earth am I going to work out in an office? Certainly doesn’t look like a gym right?

A good place to start is a wall, surely you can find one in your office! One great exercise to do is the wall sit! Rest your back against the wall and get into a position similar to if you were sitting down, with your hips and knees at a 90-degree angle. Do it for a few minutes to sweat out some calories! You can definitely start small and increase the duration slowly! Feel free to do it at home as well.

This exercise can help you to train your leg muscles, especially in your thighs and calves. The position also can help you to form abs which many people desire, as well as improving concentration and resilience.

Another small tip you could remember is to try and walk about as much as you can! Try going over to your colleagues or boss’ tables to discuss somethings, grab a light snack in the pantry, or speak to your clients over the phone while walking!

5) Go Green

Trade your latte or bubble tea for a good cup of green tea during mid day! This will give you a good reason to stand up from your desk and stretch a bit as you run to the pantry to make yourself a cup of this beneficial and delectable tea. Use green tea leaves (in teabags) or Matcha powder, which is ground green tea leaves with much more antioxidants, and a richer, smoother taste.

Green tea is able to provide many benefits when taken it in moderation. Most importantly, it is can help you lose a little bit of weight while you are sitting down. It is packed with lots of antioxidants such as catechins which revs up the metabolism rates of our body thereby accelerating calorie burning! 

Let us know if you have tried any, or share with us other ways to stay in shape!