Fun Places To Keep Your Kids Active

Having an active and lively child is what many parents would love to have. Same as with adults, children leading more active lifestyles will have lower risk of being obese as they grow up, which can prove to bring about health complications to your child. Childhood obesity could lead to other issues such as lowered self-esteem due to their appearance. Also, physical and cognitive development has been shown to go hand in hand, making an active lifestyle for your child even more important.

To try and help you and your child achieve that active and healthy lifestyle, we will look at some of the places in which are meant for a good exercise session, but most importantly child friendly as well! Note that these places are placed in no particular order, they are all unique in their own ways and we are sure your child will enjoy every one of these!


  • Power Kids Gym (Previously known as JWT Kids Gym)

Located in UE Square, this kids’ gym has been around for some time, 15 years to be exact! With that, it might already be a good sign as to why this is one of the top recommendations! Their aim is to stimulate your little ones’ mind and senses through exciting stages, they assure you that your child will experience smiles and laughs with lots of hearty fun.

Their programmes were all designed in America and Europe, and are aimed at improving your child’s overall physical ability, improving their motor skills, coordination and flexibility.

Fret not if you are worried about having to find a new gym after a short while, because classes are available for little ones aged 4 months, all the way up to the age of 10 years old, with different themes and names for different age groups!

This gym also has birthday party packages, making it a great place for your children and their friends to celebrate their special day. Other services provided by this gym include thoroughly planned holiday camps, corporate events, and personal training for children. Everything is pretty much covered here. You can even leave your children here and spend some time with your significant other, as Power Kids Gym has a ‘Power Night Out’ activity for children aged 3.5 to 9 years old, which provides 4 hours of fun with movies and dinner for your children, while you enjoy some couple time with your other half!

With their well thought out classes and events, it is no wonder they have been around for so long and will continue to be!

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Find out more, or book a trial class here at their website:


  • Amped Trampoline Park

There are many trampoline parks in Singapore, but this is the OG, the first trampoline park to set foot in Singapore and began the craze of what is a rather hyped up activity in our country as of now.

Trampoline jumping is an amazing form of exercise, and the best part of it all is that anyone who starts jumping will not even realise they are working out because of the immense fun they are experiencing!

Trampoline jumping provides many other benefits for your children! Apart from building up their physical health,  it can greatly help with their co-ordination and motor skills, improve their heart health, and ensure their muscles and bones are as strong as they should be! All these will be paired being able to have a heap of fun, while picking a fight with gravity (Amped’s punchline). It will be enjoyable for your young ones and even parents alike!

Amped also caters to younger children on Mondays from 3-7pm, only opening for children of ages below 12 years old! If your child is 3 years old or under, you may choose to enter with him or her at no cost too! Don’t wait any longer! Book a session before going to avoid disappointment, and also remember to sign the safety waiver for your children before they visit!

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Learn more about bookings, safety and location here:


  • Clip n’ Climb

This is a relatively new facility located at the Tampines HomeTeam NS branch, and it is the first of its kind in Singapore, being an indoor climbing theme park designed for kids to enjoy. The franchise was established in 2005 in New Zealand, and since then the brand has opened over 100 branches worldwide!

The facility has up to 19 different walls for your little one to climb, all in a plethora of colours and of varying difficulty. The facility is also able to accommodate adults, so the whole family can have hours of fun navigating and scaling the different walls!

There will be briefings on site before the session begins, in order to ensure safety throughout the sessions and also to make sure you are able to climb the walls.

This vertical challenge also has a huge range of benefits. The most obvious benefit would be the increase in strength and flexibility, and it would be improved throughout the body given the movements of climbing work every of our body parts! In order to progress higher, your child will also need to work on their hand eye co-ordination and motor skills, in order to be able to reach the top of the wall.

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Find out more about this challenging but fun activity here:


  • Airzone

This one is not for the feint-hearted, or those who have a fear of heights. You might find it hard to believe this, but this is essentially a netted playground, suspended 6 storeys high in the air at the peak of the playground. We’re not kidding, it is even placed right in the atrium of City Square Mall.

Airzone is definitely a fresh and breakthrough concept, which sees its premiere in Singapore. Don’t think for a second that this netting system is unsafe and will give way soon, you can rest assured of its safety as it can take the weight of 2 fully laden buses.

The playground is open to absolutely everyone, as long as they can walk on the nets without assistance. Children below 7 years old are required to have a supervising adult with them in the playground. The nets are supposedly specially designed for children, to encourage them to explore and freely play throughout the nets.

This place is mostly recommended for the fun factor, but your kids will definitely be able to sweat it out as they climb through the different floors, ball pits and maze while thoroughly enjoying themselves. This would be a good chance for you to experience this suspended playground when you accompany your kids for the session too! So go on, and experience how it feels like to climb freely in a mall!

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Find out more about this mid-air playground here:


  • My Gym

Another gym that you could consider for your child is My Gym. The company has operations worldwide, and was formed back in 1983. They have prospered and now have over 600 stores throughout the globe, with 7 currently open in Singapore.

My Gym’s target is to help little tots from the ages of 3 months through 10 years to develop themselves not just physically, but also cognitively and emotionally. As with Power Gym, they also offer differently themed and designed classes for different age groups, making use of elements like music, dancing, gymnastics and games, all bundled in an all inclusive and non-competitive environment.

My Gym also has camps for the holidays, with a 3-day camp coming up for your child aged 4-10 years old soon. Sounds great for the June holidays! They also cater to birthdays and other events, so you can keep them in mind when planning for a special day for your child.

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Make My Gym become your kids’ gym here:


  • Sport4Kids

Want your child to pick up some sports and have fun at the same time? Sports4Kids may be a good choice for you! Established in 2010 in Hong Kong, this business specialises in training children from the ages of 3-12 years old.

At Sports4Kids, they have the belief that all children should grow up to become well-rounded athletes. While providing a fun and non-competitive environment, they look to develop your child’s knowledge, motor skills and co-ordination at their classes, on top of your child’s physical development.

They are at a variety of locations, but you might want to sign them up for the upcoming camps happening in July at a few locations around Singapore! Your child will be able to make friends with others and learn more about their own bodies, while their sweat it our through fun sports and activities! Otherwise, you can contact them to know about normal classes that they conduct.

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Learn more about Sports4Kids here:


  • Gymkraft

Gymkraft was opened in 2012, and adopts the motto of the Olympic games, ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’. They are home to friendly trainers who provide you with all the encouragement you need.

Gymkraft offers classes that caters mostly to young teenagers up till adults, but there are some classes for your young child as well, as long as they are between 3-12 years old. Children from 3-6 can participate in gymnastic sessions with 2 levels of difficulties.  As they grow past 6 years old, your 7-12 years old children can participate in a wider variety of classes. Apart from higher level gymnastics, your child can learn about the sport of trampolining, or even parkour! You never have to worry about finding a new place for your child because they can be students at GymKraft till any age!

For parents who want to develop their children’s physical skills and also want them to potentially pick up a skill, this place is everything you are looking for. Your child or even yourself can sign up for a trial class, before you make a decision whether to commit for a full term. No harm giving it a shot!

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Book your trial lesson or find out more here:


  • Evolve Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Evolve MMA is Asia’s leading martial arts organisation with a myriad of accolades under their belts. The organisation is where you can find the best martial arts instructors, including proven fighters who have competed internationally and instructors who have attained the highest-level certifications. They are also home to the biggest number of world champions compared to any other academy.

You might be wondering why we are recommending a seemingly dangerous activity that might injure your child. However, if you look at it correctly, your child will reap the many benefits of these classes. They have a few classes of different forms of martial arts such as Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Muay Thai for your child aged 4-13 years old.

The curriculum for the classes have been designed by a Harvard University Graduate, making it the only children’s program with that accomplishment. Your child will learn self-defence which could be very useful against bullies they may face or simply for their safety. The classes build discipline, confidence, focus and mental strength in your child. Also through these classes, your child will be able to improve their social skills and make new friends through learning together with other children.

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Learn more about the programme and watch some testimonials here:


  • OhmSantih Yoga

Want your kid to unwind and fully relax while still being able to exercise and improve their physical ability? Yoga is probably what you want for your child!

OhmSantih yoga came to life in 2011. They look at themselves as a yoga family because everyone knows each other, given their slightly smaller class sizes. All their instructors have been trained by the founder herself to ensure they are capable to teach at this studio, which is well equipped with 2 studios and shower facilities.

Their child classes aim to reduce the stress in the increasingly competitive life of the Singaporean children. Their 1 teacher to 5 students classes aim to develop your child’s physical, physiological and psychological abilities, while making sure every child gets enough attention. Their curriculums are also flexible and parents are updated on their children’s progress often. Each and every lesson is different and decided by the discussion between students and teachers, bringing forth your child’s creativity and ensuring each lesson is fun and unique.

Many happy parents have also shared other improvements seen in their children, such as improved immune system, better focus, more self-confidence and better stress management.

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Find out more about these flexible classes here:


  • Ready Steady Go Kids

Here is another option for you if you want your kids to pick up some sports to keep their activities level up while picking up a potential new hobby. Ready Steady Go Kids offers a classes for 2.5 to 6 year old children, both for individuals as well as childcares or preschools. They are an Australian brand which expanded into Singapore in 2012, and they currently teach at over 50 preschools. They also have 2 different locations in which they hold classes.

Their programme aims to inculcate the mindset that sports are fun, through a secure and inclusive environment where teamwork and sportsmanship skills are demonstrated.

Ready Steady Go Kids offers to teach your children a variety of sports, and there is currently a total of 10 different sports in which your child can participate in. They teach a total of 5 different sports per term to ensure your child is able to pick up and gain exposure to a variety of sports. Plus, lessons are conducted on weekends, so it wouldn’t matter if you plan to send your child there for lessons outside of the holidays!

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Learn more about Ready Steady Go Kids here:


Bonus idea

A great idea for your child to move about is simple just to bring them to the nearby park or the playground to breathe some fresh air and move about! This idea is almost totally free of charge and something that can be done almost every day if time permits!

Although there is the lack of an instructor, you can simply supervise your child to make sure they are in sight and safe while they are playing about!


It is currently the June Holiday period and if you are looking for places for your child to move about instead of staring at screens and remaining stationary, you should definitely check these places out!

Are there other places that you bring your child to for a good sweat? Feel free to share it with us on our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook!