How Mums Can Rejoin The Workforce

Being a mother is arguably the most tiring ‘job’ ever. It has an almost 24-hour long workday, and there are rarely off-days for your hard work, even on weekends and public holidays. It is certainly not an easy task, and the only repayment you seek from this journey is gratitude and love from your beloved children. In recent times, a lot of mothers are looking to rejoin the workforce, or even start their own businesses! In this article, we will share with some flexible job arrangements and office spaces where you can start to rejoin the workforce., We will also show you how you can experience being a mumpreneur quickly by launching your own online store.


Mumpreneurship & Flexible Work Arrangements

1. Mums@Work

Mums@Work was the first career portal on our little red dot that catered to mothers who seek a perfect balance between work and motherhood. It was started by an extremely successful mumpreneur herself, Mrs Sher-li Torrey. They give assistance to mothers in the form of advice and recommendations for flexible work options or on how they can start their own business at home and become ‘Mumpreneurs’ themselves. Apart from mothers who look for flexible work schedules and aspiring mumpreneurs, they also aim to help mothers looking to rejoin the workforce after a long break, and they work with employers who are willing to hire such women and give them the necessary time and space they need for their motherhood commitments.

For mothers looking for a flexible job with an employer, you can look through their thousands of job listings from different employers by simply creating an account on their website, which makes you a member at absolutely no cost. Members receive newsletters on new jobs, discounts and details on upcoming relevant events or events they will be hosting, and also new career tips every 2 weeks.

For ambitious mothers looking to become entrepreneurs, Mums@Work provides start-up workshops and tea sessions for networking with others to find potential partners. They also hold events which credit the best mumpreneurs for their valiant efforts, to provide more exposure, recognition and encouragement. 

If you are unsure whether you would want to get a flexible job to earn some income or get to grips with being a mumpreneur, Mums@Work would be a good place for you to start. Become a member for no cost so long as you are a mother (subject to approval by the Mums@Work administrators) and begin to explore the opportunities waiting for you!

Find out more about at Mums@Work.


2. Careermums

Careermums is another online portal for mothers who are in search of flexible work from employers. In partnership with Mums@Work and 2 other firms in charge of Human Resource as well as employee training, they offer solely job opportunities for mothers who are looking to re-enter the workforce from different employers. The type of jobs offered include part-time jobs with flexible hours, freelance jobs, as well as non-traditional full-time jobs.

The organization believes that if mothers continue leaving the workforce after their birth and do not rejoin afterwards, it could lead to serious socio-economic implications, and their aim is to bring back more of these mothers to the workforce. 

This platform works very similarly to LinkedIn. Mothers who sign up will be able to create a resume on the portal for employers to see, and mothers have to simply include information such as their past working experiences and their education levels, plus the type of working hours and job arrangements they are looking for. As such, employers can then contact the mothers directly for any job openings easily. Of course, mothers can also browse the huge variety of listings and apply for jobs directly. 

For mothers looking to have time with their children, but would still like a steady source of income, this could be a great site for you to browse through the jobs with flexible working hours to look for one in which you can contribute your skills to, or would be interested to work in and learn new skills. Another good idea for moms from the workforce in the past would be to look for freelance job offers if you have a certain skill or profession, and only accept jobs when you are available. 

Mothers can find their flexible job arrangement here.


3. CRIB Singapore

CRIB stands for Creating Responsible and Innovative Businesses, and they are a social enterprise which aims to help empower women to become entrepreneurs. The social enterprise is founded and run by four very successful women, all of which have their own families and can be considered as successful mumpreneurs. They include Tjin Lee, Marilyn Lum, Mei Chee and Dr Elaine Kim. 

Founders of CRIB: Mei Chee, Tjin Lee, Marilyn Lum, Dr Elaine Kim (from top left in clockwise order)

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At CRIB, they sculpt successful female entrepreneurs through a few steps. ‘CRIB Society’ provides a platform for like minded women to meet and socialise and learn from each other, and they have 5 different ‘pods’ for women in different sectors. ‘CRIB Match’ is a platform for women entrepreneurs to find partners to start the business with or employees for their business. It connects investors, business managers and creatives together in order to form useful business themes. ‘CRIB Equip’ provides the necessary support that is needed throughout the stages of entrepreneurship. These also include workshops and other programmes. Budding female entrepreneurs will also be able to consult mentors in successful entrepreneurs in order to guide them to the success of their new business.

At the core of CRIB is a social enterprise which donates very generously to organisations in need, which makes this organisation especially impressive and worthwhile to be part of. Open to all aspiring female entrepreneurs, you should definitely sign up with CRIB if your inner mumpreneur is calling! It is never too late to go and realise your aspirations, age is just a number. Being a mumpreneur could allow you to work from home most of the time, meaning you have all the flexibility you would need! 

Learn about CRIB and their membership prices here.


Co-working stations

Looking for a workspace for you to simply do your work? Or if you are a mumpreneur, a space where you can gather some colleagues or partners for a meeting and an office space where they can work? Let us share with you some places built and designed for the purpose.

1. Regus

Regus provides office spaces around Singapore that can be rented on a daily basis, meaning you are able to book these spaces when you need to. They have 4 types of spaces for rent across their 33 outlets in Singapore, in order to cater to anyone from individuals to small companies. Prices can vary across locations and across the different types of spaces, such as hot-desks and individual office spaces.

Office space at Regus’ Somerset location

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All their outlets are fully furnished for you to move in to. The all-inclusive prices you pay include use of their different on-site facilities, as well as internet connection. Such spaces are similar to those of an office with similar layouts and designs, making it a conducive place to get work done or have constructive discussion sessions. 

If you are planning to visit Regus often, even perhaps in another country while travelling, you can consider their membership which grants you access to their 3000 outlets across the world. Memberships can be purchased based on the number of days you plan to visit Regus per month and the type of facilities you are looking for, in order to ensure that you are only paying for what you need. Otherwise as we mentioned, you can book the offices as needed for a day, or in packages of 5 or 10 days.

Book your Regus office space here.


2. WeWork

Here is another option for flexible workspaces for mothers or their mumpreneur teams. WeWork is present in 11 different locations in Singapore, and they make the office a place you would definitely look forward to visiting day after day!  

The idea of a furnished office ready for you to move into is the foundation for this service. However, apart from high speed internet, on-site cleaning service and staff to assist you, each office has a plethora of other amenities, all unique to each other. They all have a common space or a lounge that has beautiful designs and is what they pride as the heart-and-soul of all their locations. Their locations also have sound-proof phone booths for when you need a quiet and conducive space to speak to clients over the phone or in video calls. They also provide micro-roasted coffee if you need your caffeine fix, as well as fruit water to keep yourself hydrated. 

WeWork locations are booked and paid for on a monthly basis, and they have 3 services including a private office, a dedicated workspace or a hot-desk system. Each location may differ in terms of facilities and amenities, with some offices having different location-exclusive facilities. Prices will be different at every location, but it can be guaranteed that every location will impress. 

Image of WeWork’s newly announced location at 9 Battery Road

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Learn about WeWork’s Singapore locations and pricing here.


Launching an E-commerce store in no time

Spendless Cosmetics

Here is a good place for you if you would like to try out how it’s like to manage your own webstore, while still being able to be a stay-at-home mum. Spendless Cosmetics was founded by an inspiring mumpreneur herself, Leza Klenk. 

Spendless Cosmetics is a platform for both suppliers of female beauty and health products, as well as keen entrepreneurs who want to try running a business, to help each other out on an online platform. For a small fee monthly or annually, you will be given your very own website that is pre-loaded with 15,000 different products. You will be able to personalise the website with your information such as your social media and an image of yourself. From then on, it is up to how you share and promote your website and attract sales, with commission being earnt for every sale you make on your website. 

Your sales figures can also be monitored under the seller centre of your website. You can even conduct sales to attract customers, and there will be the cost price as well as the retail price for you to follow, in order to make sure you are able to price your items appropriately. 

In case you are worried about not being able to handle the logistics of your own webstore, such as ordering the items and arranging to deliver the items, you don’t need to! Arguably the best part of signing up as a reseller with Spendless Cosmetics is that they will help you to fulfil the orders you receive, so all you need to do is focus on promoting your web store and receiving the commission you earned at the end of each month! You will also be able to deactivate your webstore at any time you like, making this a small business you can run with negligible capital and no minimum commitment period required. It is definitely a great idea for some side income, or if you want to learn about running a business while having to stay home with your kids. 

To make the deal even sweeter, if you follow the prices that Spendless Cosmetics’ own online store are using closely, it won’t be hard to get your friends to purchase items from your store as these prices are anywhere between 30-70% off the retail price of the items. Don’t hesitate and start to rake up the sales in your own online store today!

Learn about the benefits of being a Spendless Cosmetics reseller here.



It is never too late to start something and chase your dreams. We hope this article has helped you to find a suitable flexible job or a place for you to realise your entrepreneurial dreams, while allowing you to strike the perfect balance between work and family.