Don’t Stay at Rock Bottom, Get Out of There

An Interview with Leza Klenk, founder of Spendless Cosmetics Network

In the this article of our Walk Your Confidence series, we have with us Leza Klenk, an inspiring entrepreneur and founder of Spendless Cosmetics Network.

Leza Klenk, founder of Spendless Cosmetics Network

In 2014, Leza was recognised as Singapore’s Youngest Business Guru at just the age of 28. However, what Leza has now was not due to luck. She had experienced multiple downfalls before getting where she is now, and she never once stayed at the bottom of the valley, and climbed all the way back to where she is today.

Let us hear more from this Superwoman about her story as well as her continuously expanding brand.

About our Superwoman: Leza Klenk

Leza and her lovely children

Leza is 33 this year, and is a mother to 3 children whom she home-schools. As a single mother for a few years, she understands about the struggles of raising children single-handedly. This was a spark for her to start her own business, and she started a small home business selling brand name cosmetics imported from USA to her friends. The extra income helped her to pay her bills and raise her children better, and it also drove her to begin a tech company, Spendless Cosmetics. With the aim of allowing mothers to resell cosmetics without hassle, her company grew, and has since empowered 25,000 women across a total of 16 countries, and they are only looking to grow even more.

Given her choice to home-school her children, aged 12, 10 and 8, Leza spends a rather significant amount of her time on their education, while juggling her busy work life as well.

Talking about her interests, she told us that she enjoys travelling as well as spending time with her family. Her hobbies are reading and writing, and you should definitely read her articles which we find are extremely enriching. You can read them on her website and her LinkedIn page. She adds: “I like doing crafts, teaching art and I hope to take a certificate in Yoga Instructing and Art Painting in the future!”

Leza also added that she has spoken at more than 40 different universities, alongside some international conferences as well. She enjoys spreading knowledge of business related topics, and enjoys conducting these lectures very much.

The Entrepreneurial Journey: Spendless Cosmetics

Leza explained her outlook to us on what entrepreneurship meant to her, saying: “I’ve always believed entrepreneurship is a journey, more about discovering yourself than anyone you meet. People who cross paths with you are meant to impact and groom you, and in the end, it does not matter what happened to you, but more so, who have you become.” She treats the journey as one to enrich and discover herself, ultimately finding out where she belongs. Leza has seen changes for the better in herself, such as being to control her emotions better, constantly learn from her experiences, and also understand people better. She has also discovered some of her qualities, using them to inspire others through lectures, while improving herself and constantly looking for business opportunities.

As a stay home mom, Leza never thought she would make it to where she is today. It was the people who kept supporting her and her undying passion that helped her to keep going. Also, the fact that her team has empowered many women keeps them wanting to do more.

Experiencing Rock Bottom and Climbing Back Up

If you read Leza’s articles, you will know that she is no stranger to hitting rock bottom, despite being where she is today, having experienced difficulties such as bankruptcy and divorce. However, Leza is very thankful to have been put through those challenges she faced, saying: “I am grateful for the challenges and hardships, they made me think on my feet.” It is through the lows she has been through that shaped Leza into the strong and successful woman she is today. She knew it was normal to feel upset, even she did as well when she felt low, but she always told herself: “But I realized that problems never stayed long, neither did emotions”, and quickly began finding ways to bring herself back up.

It is important not to harp on past failures, and Leza is great at that. She always tells herself to move on from the things that never worked, to focus on the things she is currently doing. Constantly learning from mistakes and appreciating the people that are supportive of you, is what Leza uses as stepping stones to quickly go back to where she was before the setbacks. She tells us: “Successful people have the mindset will to keep going and keep learning, and hence setbacks are often never big enough to stop them.”

“Rock bottom is never a beautiful place, but bad things don’t last and eventually go away if you don’t let them hold you down”, quotes Leza. “Sometimes letting go of a problem is better than holding on, so don’t spend 5 minutes on something today if you won’t remember it 5 years from now.”

Second Chances: Back to Her Schooling Days

Leza is not a fan of regrets. When we asked her if she would have done things differently if she was brought back to her Junior College days, she confidently said: “No! Everything happens for a reason, and if I did things any differently, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Leza was a Junior College dropout. She did decently in her O-Levels and made it into a JC, but she was never focused on her studies, causing her to eventually withdraw herself from college. To support her not-so-well off family, she was a part time bubble tea seller on weekdays and a tutor on weekends to earn some income to support her family. With no time left for her revision and schoolwork, she eventually left the college without sitting for her A-Levels.

Leza was worried about her future after realizing she would not be sitting for her A-Levels. Her dream of starting her own business seemed to be at stake given that it would be hard for her to get a degree. She found her own way into entrepreneurship, solving many of the problems she was worried about. Through celebrating her small successes each day, it kept Leza’s motivation at its highest, bringing her to her successes today.

Empowering Other Women

Leza has empowered women through her Spendless Cosmetics network, and also beyond that with her words in her talks and her blog articles. Her inspiration for beginning a blog stemmed from her feeling that the things she had been through would be able to inspire others, from her failures to her entrepreneurial beginnings.

Her blog started to take off, and Leza started to pick up writing skills to improve the quality of her articles. Articles in her blog include her journey from a stay-home mom selling items to a tech-firm owner, along with other interesting articles. Leza mentions: “Story telling is a powerful tool for me to share about my unique journey, and inspire those who are in the same situations as I previously was in to get out of their rock bottom”.

She actively connects with her readers through LinkedIn and Facebook where she has over 50,000 and 40,000 followers respectively, every one of which she is extremely appreciative of.

Empowering Herself in Her Moments of Despair

Leza shared with us a motto which she lives by, and that is: “Sometimes things fall apart, so better things can come together.” She stopped getting bothered by what did not work out for her, and instead focused on finding silver linings from opportunities given to her. Some of Leza’s life events can serve to show that her motto is something we can all believe in.

In 2014, her way of life fell apart when she experienced bankruptcy due to one of her past businesses. However, in 2015, she got her entrepreneurial mindset working again and built Spendless Cosmetics with almost nothing. For one and a half years, she lived without a salary. It was in April 2016 when she met a family office which provided her with a funding of half a million dollars for the company to take flight and soar.

Leza went through a divorce in 2015 from her marriage of 7 years, with her ex-husband whom she is currently still good friends and business partners with. Instead of getting overwhelmed by her fear, she looked positively at life to continue providing support to their children. Leza got remarried in 2018 to her current husband, and currently is part of a happy family.

Looking up to her Clients

We asked Leza about who her Superwoman was, she gave us quite a shock after giving it some thought. “I would like to think that my ‘Superwomen’ are the mothers who are part of my Spendless Cosmetics network. They are strong women who have been able to juggle between motherhood and business, giving the best in both of these roles.”

It is these women that keep Leza and her team going. They share their personal success stories with the Spendless Cosmetics network, and “their perseverance, efforts, and passion fuels me every time!”

To show her appreciation to these Superwomen, Leza now dedicates her time to helping these mumpreneurs by providing education and other benefits through her business network.

Tips for Other Women

Leza gave us a long and deep insight on what she would like to say to other women who are doubting themselves:

“From a woman to another woman, I want to emphasize that independence is the best gift we can strive to own for ourselves. Having our own space, developing in our own ways, pursuing our own passion and learning at our pace make us emotionally and mentally independent, hence without a doubt also lead us to financial independence. We are our own person, and we need to embrace and advocate for what we truly believe in.  Heartbreaks and disappointments are inevitable in this life, the more we understand that, the more we remember how unnecessary for us to be upset. We need to learn to move on and never let anything pull us back, we are destined for greatness in our unique way and we need to unleash our best qualities. Worry less about what other people think of us, because the right people will love us the way we are. Take risks, chase dreams. To all the women in the world, be bold.”

Empower Yourself with Spendless Cosmetics

Spendless Cosmetics aims to empower financially independent women, allowing them to run their own pre-loaded webstore. With all the back-end logistics covered, you only need to focus on bringing customers to your store, and you’ll soon be earning commission for each item you sell! 

Learn more about the Spendless Cosmetics network here, which now in 16 countries and empowering 25,000 women and counting!

Rock bottom is just a big stepping-stone for you to improve yourself if you look at it correctly. Leza has gotten out of rock bottom multiple times before getting to the top. Her story is nothing short of inspiring, and is proof that being at rock bottom doesn’t mean that you can never taste success again. Here wishing Leza nothing but the best in all her pursuits in life!