First Solids For Babies

The first form of food that your precious child will have for at least the first few months of his or her life would definitely be a form of liquid, that generally being either breast milk or formula. The next big step in a newborn’s diet is the transition to solid foods. This is essential […]

Tips To Transition to Primary One

Image Credit: Getting your child ready for school can be a daunting task for all parents. After the long discussion and tough decision of which school is suitable for your child, preparing him or her for the first day at school is another obstacle to hurdle over. Getting them to wake up early, making […]

Don’t Stay at Rock Bottom, Get Out of There

An Interview with Leza Klenk, founder of Spendless Cosmetics Network In the this article of our Walk Your Confidence series, we have with us Leza Klenk, an inspiring entrepreneur and founder of Spendless Cosmetics Network. In 2014, Leza was recognised as Singapore’s Youngest Business Guru at just the age of 28. However, what Leza has […]

Age is Just a Number, Don’t Stop Getting Stronger

In this Walk Your Confidence Series, we are very happy to have Serene Mok Maxson, Mrs Classic Singapore 2018 with us to share about her journey representing Singapore in the Mrs Classic Universe 2019 pageant held in Bulgaria where she won the 3rd Runner Up, and most of all what inspires her to lead a happy and […]

Smart Toys And Not Smart Phones

Playtime is important for kids of all ages. From pretend play, building blocks, arts and craft to online apps, kids these days are spoilt for choices. In this digital age, physical toys may no longer be the first thing that comes to parents’ minds, given the vast possibilities of the Internet. There are a plethora […]

Should you let your child use the Internet?

The Internet is a rapidly improving network that is readily accessible by almost everyone who has an active internet connection. Almost every conceivable thing can be found on the Internet, some of them are beneficial, while some of them can be harmful, especially to innocent children surfing the net. Nowadays, it is not a huge […]