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Age is Just a Number, Don’t Stop Getting Stronger

In this Walk Your Confidence Series, we are very happy to have Serene Mok Maxson, Mrs Classic Singapore 2018 with us to share about her journey representing Singapore in the Mrs Classic Universe 2019 pageant held in Bulgaria where she won the 3rd Runner Up, and most of all what inspires her to lead a happy and […]

Should you let your child use the Internet?

The Internet is a rapidly improving network that is readily accessible by almost everyone who has an active internet connection. Almost every conceivable thing can be found on the Internet, some of them are beneficial, while some of them can be harmful, especially to innocent children surfing the net. Nowadays, it is not a huge […]

5 Easy Calorie Burning Hacks

Busy with school and work, and no time to exercise? Burning the extra calories is possible if you have the will to do it! (and also some little hacks which we will share in this article!) The Health Promotion Board recommends 150 minutes worth of moderate to vigorous physical activities (MVPA) to be done by […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Health and Fitness Conscious Bae

Many people worry about choosing the perfect gift on this over-hyped occasion. This can be made even more stressful if your special someone is a health-nut, and ordinary gifts like perfume and chocolates just do not make the cut. Since is all about health and wellness, we thought it would be interesting to come […]

CNY Special Feature – Snack Smart and Not Regret

The whiff of Chinese New Year is beckoning! Love Letters, Bak Kwa, Pineapple Tarts, Sugee Cookies and more! Every year, we face the same dilemma – to eat or not to eat. The hard truth is that most of the CNY goodies have little nutritional value and are chock-full of sugar and fats. But what […]

Top Healthy Food Delivery in Singapore

Healthy food has been all the rage in recent years because of our growing awareness of quality of life. Not so long ago, healthy food was associated with exorbitant prices and bland tastes. Fortunately, those sad days are gone and food that is beneficial for health now comes in an exciting variety of tastes and […]

The Top Fad Diets of 2018 – Do they really work?

There always has been a deep fascination with weight loss. Just do a quick online search and out pops plenty of diet programmes created by nutritionists, doctors and even fitness celebrities that claim to help you achieve a flat tummy or shed a couple of kilos. Whether you want to embark on a diet plan […]

Ugly Foods Can Make A Tasty Meal Too

Do you only choose tomatoes with unblemished, shiny skin? Do you throw lettuce away when they turn brownish? Yes, we are all guilty of food wastage to an extent. But, do you know these foods that are discoloured, bruised or misshapen can be perfectly safe for consumption? So, you may think what is the big […]

10 Biggest Misconceptions about Stay-At-Home Moms

Here are a lot of misconceptions about stay at home moms. However, it is one of the best experiences that you will have. The next time someone shames you for staying at home to raise your children, remember that it is your choice, you are not answerable to anyone, and you will do whatever it […]

How To Become A Successful Mumpreneur – Tips and Real Experiences

Being a mother is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world. Being a mother AND a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of guts, nerves of steel, relentless determination, sprinklings of love, and more. Yes, it is exciting but it is also an uphill battle. That is why we have put together some important […]