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5 Tips To Regain Your Pre-pregnancy Figure

When it comes to motherhood, there are very few things a mom will not sacrifice for her child.  As if the typical nine months of smiling mid-side effects isn’t proof enough, many women ultimately change their entire lifestyle and appearance to make a new one appear in miniature form.

With the ever-evolving shape and sizes women embody during pregnancy, maternity wear specifically caters to curves with comfort and style.  But beyond the growing stage, what about the return to pre-pregnancy shape?

Today, we share the latest trend in maternity wear – postpartum shapewear – which helps you during and post-pregnancy, as well as other natural remedies to help you return to your body before baby.

1. Patience. 

First and foremost, a mother must recall that it has taken nearly ten months to expand in size as well as add likely 1/3 or more of her weight to the mid-section solely.  It will and should take time returning back to pre-body weight. Being gentle and patient with yourself is the first step to returning back to normal. A healthy mindset can significantly support a healing body.

2. Breastfeeding.  

Nursing – and pumping – allows for Mom to consume upwards of 300 extra calories a day without it throwing off her weight, while also prompting the uterine muscles to contract, which helps the uterus return to its normal size faster than it would without breastfeeding or pumping. Even when and if baby isn’t hungry, using breast pumps with a pumping bra allows you to still get things done while also supporting your return to pre-body baby.

3. Eat well and often.  

Even though you can eat up to 300 calories more when nursing, consider nutrient-dense foods, like lean meats, whole grains, fruits and veggies, while avoiding fats. This will help your body use all the nutrients from the food to fuel healing and energy required to care for the baby, as well as, yourself during transition time post-delivery.

4. Stay hydrated. 

Drinking water isn’t just smart, it’s necessary for maintaining optimal health, as well as, boosting metabolism.  In turn, you’ll burn the calories you are consuming faster and avoid keeping weight on longer than you want in the areas you’ve experienced baby-weight gain.

5. Shapewear.

Pregnancy and Post-Partum shapewear is a great investment for post-baby because it takes a while for the abdominal muscles to regain strength. Shapewear can help with both confidence (aesthetically) and comfort (as it can help relieve back pain also!)

Above all, we encourage women to love their bodies and to take care of them in ways that resonate with you individually. Some options may work and others you may find are not as beneficial.  Ultimately, the choice is yours and we support your decision.

There are multiple natural remedies you can try to help assist you in returning to your pre-baby body shape, or even a new weight you determine is ideal for yourself.  What products have you used to assist you in this? We’d love to hear your thought and personal go-to remedies!

BOTB – Superwoman Nursing & Shapewear

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