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Deep Cold Cryo Gel Bundle of 3 + Free 3D Sonic Massager

$147 $95

Exclusive Bundle Sale for Deep Cold Cryo Gel. This consists of a bundle of 3 Deep Cold Cryo Gel + 1 Free 3D Sonic Massager worth $79! While stocks last!

Deep Cold Cryo Gel

Deep Cold Cryo grants the user the ability to target the parts of their body with fats that seem to be haunting them all the time. It can assist in shaping the body in places with stubborn fats, and also help to reduce appearance of cellulite. Apart from the fat oxidation benefits, our DCC gel helps to keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated, bringing out the best in your skin while providing a shaping effect for your body.

Our Deep Cold Cryo gel is free from any alcohol, as well as parabens, which are preservatives used in cosmetics shown to negatively affect our bodies.

  • Description

    Deep Cold Cryo Gel

    • It helps to target the stubborn and slower response fats underneath our skin
    • Helps help to reduce the appearance of cellulite (orange-peel-like wrinkly skin) caused by excess fats.
    • Our active ingredients of (Sorbitan Laurate and Lauroyl Proline), plus Marine Algae, helps the cream to tone up the target areas on our bodies.
    • The product also has benefits for the skin, keeping it hydrated and rejuvenated
    • It does not contain any Parabens (preservatives used in cosmetics) or Alcohol
    • Cooling sensation on the skin after application
    • Pleasant smell
    • Health Science Authority (HSA) notified
    • Does not remain oily/greasy on the skin for too long after application (dries up quickly)

    Instruction of use:

    The Deep Cold Cryo shaping gel is aimed to help you target stubborn fats to contour your body and reduce the cellulites on the problem areas of your body, such as the tummy, waist, arms etc. The product is NOT to be used on the face, avoid contact with your eyes.

    Squeeze some out on your fingers or palm and apply it over the surface of your skin on areas you wish to shape up and tone.

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