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Simply Night Metabolism Enzymes


Do you eat out often or have your meals at irregular timings? Do you feel tired often especially after a meal? Do you love your carbs more than anything? If you like to improve your metabolism and digestive health, enzymes is the way to go.

Made with a special blend of high quality enzymes, Simply Night Metabolism Enzymes helps to improve your digestion and promotes your metabolism even while you sleep.


0.6g x 30 tablets


Maltodextrin, synthetic essential amino acid, chestnut skin extract, patented probiotics, patented compounded plant extract

Directions of Use

Daily consumption of 2 tablets before bedtime, consume with warm water


1.Put under the dry shady place that is hardly reached by the children, and avoid exposure to high temperature and direct sunlight.

2. Suitable by vegetarian.

3. Not suitable for pregnant woman  or women who are breastfeeding. It is recommended that people with medical conditions or food allergy to consult your medical professionals before the consumption of product.

4. Use up as soon as possible after unsealing packaging.