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5 Tips for Transition into Motherhood

Parenthood signals a new phase in life for everyone. With a new family member joining, soon-to-be parents can only think of all the new memories that are awaiting them. However, most parents, if not all of them, would at some point be worried about whether they will be able to transition into this new phase of life properly, and provide the best for their newest blessing.

There is no one accurate guidebook for new parents to educate them about how to take care of a newborn. In many senses, parents usually learn along the way on their parenting journey, and they slowly become the best parent they can be.

Are you ready? Let us try to help you prepare for the moment when your delicate and precious newborn is handed to you, signalling the official start to a new phase of your life.

No. 1: Planning for the New Arrival

To try and eliminate as many obstacles you may face as possible, you would need some good planning beforehand. One good way to prepare is to make a check list of things to get or things to do before or when the baby arrives just to ensure everything is sorted and ready. Such things can include a baby crib, baby clothes and toys for your new baby’s first trip to his new home. Since the baby is not out yet, take the chance to plan beyond your newborn’s initial trip home, things such as diapers are going to be needed in an abundance! Here is a good list you could use, created by Singapore Motherhood.

Another good thing for breastfeeding moms to have is a maternity cum nursing bra! Not only will you need its convenience for breastfeeding your baby, it can also accommodate growing breasts of pregnant mothers! Why not check out our Pro Feed Bra for your breastfeeding needs! You can buy them here.

Apart from preparing things for your baby, you need to ready yourself for the start of the journey, by freeing yourself from things such as your commitments. For example, if you are employed, you definitely need to discuss with your boss about your maternity leave, so that the boss can prepare for a few months with one less colleague.

There are definitely still other things to prepare that we have not mentioned, so its good to do some research and adding points you find relevant for your pregnancy!


No. 2: It’s OK to Get Help

There are many people around you who could be of much help in your parenthood journey. Friends can help you with the preparations, even better if they are parents themselves! This can allow you to get valuable tips from them to aid you.

Actually, your parents are among the best people you can ask! They were the ones who brought you up, and they will probably have the most useful tips from their experience with parenting. Get your parents to help you, sit down with them and discuss the worries you have. They will be a great pillar of support for your parenting journey when you need it.

If your parents are willing to take care of your children sometimes, you should let them do it! As it turns out, their bonding can bring about some benefits for both parties. A study has shown that it can improve the mental health of both parties, and can do a part in preventing illnesses such as depression from occurring to your grandparents.


No. 3: Remember to Relax

Your body is working extra when you are pregnant, the last thing you would want is to overwork yourself. Take extra care of yourself and the baby. Something you should definitely do is to sleep early on a consistent basis, that way you can make sure you are getting the rest you and the growing baby’s needs.

Also, find some time to spend with your loved ones, such as your family and friends. Do not let the pregnancy ruin the relationships you have with your potential pillars of support. Find mutually agreeable times and spend it with each other, doing activities such as having a meal or watching movies together. These carefree activities will help you take some stress away from your parenthood worries and do good for your mental health.

No. 4: Enjoy the Process

This might sound like a tough thing to do, but you should understand some things first. If this is your first child, it is going to be highly likely that you may make some mistakes and that you won’t be a perfect parent. However, there is no such thing as a perfect parent, apart from what you set for yourself. You just need to make sure your child grows up to be happy and kind, and it won’t take a lot to do so. Constantly learn from any mistakes you’ve made and get your friends and family to help you when you need their support, surely they will be more than willing.

Parenthood is a big blessing to many, and it just has to be viewed in the correct frame of mind. Focus on the joys of this wonderful journey. See every smile and soak it all in. Think about the smile of your newborn baby and all the new memories that are going to be formed. Thinking such positive things will hopefully set your mind on the right track.


No. 5: Share the Load

Parenthood is a journey for two people at a time. Mummy cannot be walking the journey alone, and needs the help of the other half of the whole with her, which is daddy. As the saying goes, you can’t clap with one hand. Dad should be the strongest pillar of support that mom has during parenthood. He should try his best to take leaves off his job to spend time with his wife, and try to remember that in this time, his wife is more important than his work.

Before the birth, it is good that both parties constantly share and talk to each other, keeping as closely knitted as possible. That way both parties know each other’s worries and fears and can work together to eliminate them.

Dad should also get involved as much as he can. Follow mummy on her trips to her doctor to be kept up to date with any new updates, and also to be there to see the growth of his new child. These can also serve to be precious memories to add to the bliss of parenthood.

When the baby is born, dad should help mom with whatever he can, and take extra care of her and the baby. Some things dad can do for the baby are changing diapers, taking care of the baby while mom is resting, or helping out during the feeding times. Mummy should be pampered a bit too in this tiring time, and dad can do so with thoughtful measures such as massages, sending her out for a pedicure, or adding some fresh clothes to her wardrobe! He should also constantly assure that mum is doing a great job, and help out with house chores if any, so that mom can have as little stress as possible.

There are definitely other tips that parents can use to smoothly transition into parenthood. Always remember, there is no perfect parent, and you should be learning on this new journey of yours.

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