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Top Healthy Food Delivery in Singapore

Healthy food has been all the rage in recent years because of our growing awareness of quality of life. Not so long ago, healthy food was associated with exorbitant prices and bland tastes. Fortunately, those sad days are gone and food that is beneficial for health now comes in an exciting variety of tastes and options.

According to The Straits Times, HPB reported a whopping 83million meals sold by F&B operators under the ‘Healthier Food Choice’ programme between April and September 2018.

But what if you are stuck in office meetings or you are pressed for time to buy dinner? Fret not! Healthy food can now be delivered to your doorstep. Say Yay to clean eating with these 4 food concepts in Singapore that make delicious healthy food delivery a dream come true!

YOLO – healthy food that will not break your bank


What makes YOLO stand out is that they are halal-certified. And, they are really serious about making healthy food accessible to the masses because not only is their food halal, their menu choices include vegetarian, vegan & gluten free options as well!

With the accreditation by their in-house nutritionist who is also officially certified in sports nutrition by the International Olympic Committee, the YOLO team transformed everyday favourite foods into tasty and well-balanced meals.

A quick glance at their menu indeed makes one salivate; low-GI Coconut Chicken with Brown Rice for that much-needed energy boost, protein-packed Meatballs and Eggplant Pasta for bodybuilders and vitamins-laden Barramundi Laksa for the youth-seeking vainpots.

Starting from prices as low as $7.50, you can easily order individual meals via Grabfood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo. Committed health aficionados will be happy to know that they also develop meal plans tailored to suit your needs and lifestyle.

One of the most affordable in the market, YOLO proves that eating healthy does not have to be boring and expensive anymore!


Good for: Everyone!

Delivery schedule and cost: Varies according to different delivery partners.

FitThree – food for active people


Launched in 2015 for active people in mind, the recipes are approved by proper dieticians and specially designed by real chefs to be nutritious yet flavourful in every aspect.

Menu choices include mouth-watering low-carb recipes such as Basil Pesto Fish Fillet and Chilli Chicken with Cauliflower Rice. Vegetarians are well taken care of too with creative fusion recipes like the Blackeye Peas Stew and Green Curry Tofu.

Costing $12.90 a meal, it is a little pricey but still reasonable considering that they tend to favour using organic, non-GMO produce. The plus point is that every recipe has its nutritional facts stated clearly in terms of Calories, Protein, Carbs, Fibre and Fat. This makes it very easy for health-fanatics to plan their diets, especially those on a strict weight-loss programme.

The food is cooked and reduced to a temperature between 0 to 5°C to ensure that food quality is kept optimal and shelf life is extended to three days. Whenever you are hungry, be it after a long meeting or an early-morning jog, just pop this into the microwave and you have a sumptuous healthy meal. Clean eating has never been so effortless!

However, FitThree only delivers the food twice a week to fitness-centric places such as gyms and crossft studios, and not directly to you. This may pose a mild logistical problem but it may actually a good motivation for you to schedule a gym session before collecting your healthy dinner!


Good for: Fitness enthusiasts, regular gym-goers and people who work in the CBD area

Delivery schedule: Every Mon and Thurs to specific locations

Delivery cost: Free


Grain – favourite delicacies made healthier


The concept of Grain is a simple yet noble one. They want people to still enjoy local delights and popular foods so they tweak the recipes and swop out the unhealthy stuff with spices, herbs and all things good. Real ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are used instead.

The ever-popular Nasi Lemak is replaced with baked chicken and a mixture of black and brown rice is used for added fibre. Masala curry gets a healthy twist with Quorn pieces, a mycoprotein high in protein and fibre, and tomato puree. For dessert lovers, Grain is also one of the few healthy food kitchens that offers irrestible treats with lesser guilt.

Their menu option is impressive. From one-person set meals to festive sets that can feed 6, everyone can eat healthier and better during the year-end festivities.

Oh and did we mention they are also halal-certified!

Prices are rather steep, starting from $11.95 for a meal up to $95 for a Japanese Teishoku set for 6. There also is a minimum order of $20 and a delivery fee of $6.

That being said, the health benefits from good-quality healthy food cannot be measured in monetary terms. Treat your body well and indulge in scrumptious meals prepared with quality ingredients meticulously chosen for their nutritional values.


Good for: Family dinners, office parties and gatherings.

Delivery schedule:  11am to 1pm and 6pm to 8pm every Monday to Friday

Delivery cost: $6


Primal Meal Prep – eat like a professional athlete


Devised for real athletes and fitness professionals, the team’s philosophy is that eating right is half the battle won. Every ingredient is meticulously chosen, measured and prepared for precisely-portioned macro count.

A macro diet measures the macronutrient (proteins, carbs and fats) intake and ratio within your calorie restriction. It is meant to fuel your body with the proper nutrition to achieve your fitness goals.

The brainchild behind Primal Meal Prep take this so seriously that a macro calculator is used to plan your recommended daily meals!

Before you jump to the conclusion that all you are allowed to eat is boiled chicken breasts, let us surprise you with a few examples from their appetising menu that changes weekly. Peanut Butter and Banana Oatmeal for breakfast and Chilli Con Carne with brown rice and roasted vegetables for lunch – doesn’t that sound absolutely delightful!

Using only the freshest and real ingredients in their kitchen, prices are kept affordable starting from $7.90. Attaining your fitness and health goals has never been easier!


Good for: Gym rats, bodybuilders and anyone who is obsessed with fitness and nutrition.

Delivery schedule:  11am to 1pm and 7pm to 10pm, 4 days a week.

Delivery cost: $3

We also had a quick chat with Alexis Bauduin, founder of YOLO, to understand more about this growing demand for healthy food.

Alex explained, “Nowadays, people are really looking for convenience as they are spending a lot of time at their work place, traveling or spending time outside their home. So, people prefer to order in their meals rather than cook it. There are so many options out there and with all the delivery aggregators, it is very convenient, fast and affordable!”

What are your most popular food items and why?

Alex: Our most popular meals are our Asian staples, such as our basil minced chicken w/ brown rice and sous-vide egg, our healthy Thai curry called ‘coconut chicken with brown rice and veggies’ and our cauliflower ‘fried rice’ with chicken and egg.

What is a common mistake that people do (regarding food or fitness) when it comes to losing weight?

Alex: People always think that losing weight means eating less. So, they stop eating which is the worst thing you can do while trying to lose weight. The second big mistake is to cut carbs totally because this will not help your body’s metabolism burn that fat you want to lose! Carbs is not the enemy, we just need to have them in moderation and at the right time!

Do you believe in cheat days?

Alex: Yes, i do believe in cheat days because eating healthy shouldn’t be a full-on compromise. But, do not think that if you choose to eat healthy, it is not fun, not tasty and boring. Eating healthier can be fun and exciting!

When you switch your diet, it is important to include some cheat days to reward yourself and your body. But not every day, once or twice a week is good enough 🙂

In your opinion, what is the most underrated healthy food item and why so?

Alex: I don’t think there is one miracle product, but i think people under-estimate the importance of switching your carbs from white to brown. I highly recommend to switch your diet to a lower GI diet, you will feel better, be more focused and also sleep better! Second underrated item would be water for me, people just don’t drink enough of it and it is so important to keep your body healthy! At least 2L a day!

We are all pressed for time. With all that stress piling from work, school, society and life in general, it is so difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Instead of adding extra stress on yourself to prepare and cook a nutritious healthy meal, why not let these meal providers do it on your behalf!


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